This She-Camel Milk Drinking Benefits

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Prophet Muhammad during his lifetime never drink milk of camels, goats, and cows. In the Quran Surat An-nahl 66, Allah befirman about the goodness of milk from cattle in General.

It reads, "and Verily in cattle that actually there is a lesson for you. We give you to drink than what is in their bellies (be) clean milk between dirt and blood, which is easily resep capcay kuah mantap sekali  swallowed up for the people who drink it, "(QS. An Nahl: 66).

Camel milk may not generally displayed in the supermarket because there is only in the countries of the Middle East with the topography of the sand berpadang. Some experts mentioned the benefits of camel's milk resep bakwan jagung manis  to fight a number of diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, shingles and autism.

Camel milk is more easily digested than cow's milk because laktosanya more digestible. Here are the facts of the nutrients from the milk of camels, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States, offered from Live Science, Wednesday (24/2).

Camel milk contains fat, carbohydrates, cholesterol, sodium, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and calcium. However, The Saint Louis Institute for Conservation Medicine (ICM) suggest a person consumes milk the camels already pasteurized.

In Northern Kenya, about 10 percent of people who drink unpasteurized camel without exposure to a number of animal pathogens. "I cannot recommend the camel milk is consumed raw, including dairy cows, goats, and other animals," said a Clinical Professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Keith-Thomas Ayoob.

Diet expert at Ohio State University, Lori Chong says consuming milk camel will boost the production of enzymes that increase antioxidants in the body. So can reduce stress and the risk of type-1 diabetes. Camel milk also have more iron and vitamin C than cow's milk. Camel milk is also proven to eliminate food allergies in children.

Yogurt with cherry blossom Leaves This only appears in the original season of the Sakura

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Cherry blossom season resep rendang daging sapi kering has already arrived in Japan, a variety of food ever present with the taste of sakura. Include yogurt Danone output.

Yogurt sakura is nothing new in Japan. But  resep soto daging bening new kali leaves sakura original entry into the yogurt Danone.

Yogurt sakura also appears in kemasam beautiful, dressed in typical green color of Danone and nicks pictures of pink cherry blossoms on it. Particular in the framework of the promulgation of the yogurt taste of sakura.

Using sakura in foods commonly found in one of the delicacy of spring i.e. moci sakura. Moci kemerahmudaan colored it filled meraj bean paste and wrapped in leaves.

Yogurt Danone called sakura has a unique flavour. Because its own sour cherry blossom leaf savory. Generate a combination of flavors that nobody thought to chime perfectly.

The original sakura leaf added in each packaging will be reminiscent of the sense of moci sakura.

Cherry yogurt Danone could be purchased in packs of four fused with the price of 245 yen or around Rp 23 thousand,

Chicken Pesto Wrap, pack a Healthy Recipes that are easily Created

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Want to bring a healthy lunch resep soto ayam warisan ibu  packed and fast? He's healthy food recipes from Chef nan practical Yuda Bustara. The name of the menu Chicken Pesto Wrap. How to make it really resep seblak bandung  easy and pratis. Any complete and healthy contents. Yuk, please give it a try.


Three sheets of ready-made tortilla skin

100 grams of boiled chicken, cut into cubes

50 grams of lettuce

One plum tomatoes, sliced

The half cloves onion, chopped

Gravy stuffing:

Three tablespoons of sour cream

A tablespoon of pesto sauce

Salt and pepper to taste

How to make:

1. in a container, mix the whole material dressing stuffing, chicken pieces that are already boiled and onions. Mix well

2. prepare the skin of the tortillas. Then arrange the lettuce, tomato and chicken stuffing

3. Fold the tortilla until skin resembles the shape of a cylinder and baked until hardened skin

4. serve alongside ketchup or chili sauce

This Call Indonesia Cuisine Chef Less Healthy, Why?

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Indonesia has many types resep pancake durian ncc  of food. Each region has a different type of food. One of his trademark is rich in spices and the process of cooking it long enough. This matter assessed  resep pastel goreng isi sayuran Chef Bustara Yuda, less so indisposed.

"The cuisine of Indonesia less so indisposed, because the process is too long. Like the meat is fried, boiled down already like fritters, until dry. Healthy cuisine that is a minimal cuisine of the process, "said Yuda, on the sidelines of the show Let's Pack a Lunch, Tuesday (23/2).

He added, the meat if cooked too long protein is also reduced. But an excess of Indonesia, according to her cuisine is rich in flavor due to rempahnya a lot. Yuda admitted Indonesia cuisine is hard to made as many rempahnya. Yuda myself still learning to make the cuisine of Indonesia. In fact he was determined when cooking abroad must carry the cuisine of Indonesia.

Aside from the process of cooking a healthy meal, his opinion is the food content of its nutrition value. There are carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other. "I think healthy food can not be taken from just one type of food, for example not only of broccoli. But it's a mix of healthy food, the flesh, and there must be more, "he said.

Unfortunately society Indonesia also prefer foods that are not healthy. For example, eating fried rice without the additional side dish more. Eat chicken noodle and others. But all that its nutrition value less complete. "So if eat fried rice, fried chicken, and buy yourself a drink tomato juice. So full its nutrition value, "he added.

Even so, the current trend of food dinilainya have started a healthy meal. Though the public do not understand all, but at least make curious.